Cabin Crew - Based in Singapore (Recruitment in Taiwan) 

Aug 2018 - Based in Singapore




  • You'll travel the world as you fly with're gonna have fun! 
  • You'll meet people from all walks of're gonna meet new friends! 
  • You'll get to cater to the needs of our guests and ensure their safety.
  • All with a smile…and Scootitude!



  • 你周遊世界,你和我們一起飛翔......你會玩得開心! 
  • 你會遇到來自各行各業的人......你會結識新的朋友! 
  • 你會得到滿足客人的需求,並確保他們的安全。
  • 所有帶微笑......和Scootitude!



Job Requirements

  • For safety reasons, your height should be at least 158cm (for female) or 165cm (for male);
  • Diploma & above
  • Minimum age of 18 years old;
  • Ability to converse in English is a must;
  • Having Japanese / Korean Languages ability will be advantageous
  • Willing to relocate to Singapore.
  • 出於安全考慮,你的身高至少158公分(女性)或165公分(男性);
  • 專科或以上學歷
  • 必須年滿18歲
  • 英語交談是必須的;有日文/韓文語言能力,會更加分
  • 願意移居到新加坡。




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